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Welcome to the Asbestos Awareness course

Below you will see the chapters that make up this course. You are required to completed these modules in order. Upon completing all chapters, you will be able to return to any of them in any order to refresh your learning.

At the end of the course is an assessment containing 15 randomly generated questions. You must answer 12 of 15 questions correctly to pass. If you fail to answer all questions correctly, you will be given the opportunity to try again with a new set of questions. Upon successful completion of the assessment you will be able to access your certificate.

You do not need to complete the course in full in one sitting. If you exit a chapter part way through, you will be able to return to the same point when you next log in.

We all learn at different speeds and you should allow approximately 60 minutes to complete the course.

When you are ready, start chapter 1.