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Risk Safety Online is an online training company


Would you like help in achieving essential Health and Safety Training in as minimal a timeframe as possible?

Then look no further than the consultation support we offer here at Risk Safety Online.

To start with, we offer a FREE e-learning trial so you can sample any one of our user-friendly Healthy and Safety courses.  Our courses are tailor made to cover the essential areas of Health and Safety in a way that is both engaging and interactive.

You’ll know that employers are legally obliged to ensure their staff members are trained in matters relating to Health and Safety.

Our approach to Health and Safety training


In the past, the instruction for this training has been very much face-to-face focused.  However, this approach to training is as time consuming for employers as it expensive.

Risk Safety Online is aware of these constraints on companies and offer the solution needed to make Health and Safety training as accessible and cost-effective as possible, and without impacting upon the protection your employees require.

In short, our online training is the best way to meet fast-paced business requirements whilst still maintaining the highest possible standard in all matters relating to Health and Safety.

Training tailored for the 21st Century

Flexible and remote working is the future of the workplace.

It benefits the environment, connects those who might be working from home due to health reasons.  Or enabling parents returning to work to still be at home caring for their children.

However, this can create a small logistical headache for the Health and Safety Coordinator of your organisation.

Online training cuts through all decisions needed to get to a training location or access resources, making use of connection instead via its internet platform.

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