Working at Height

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This course is aimed at all employees who carry out work that is legally defined as ‘work at height’ which includes any work above floor level, such as on a step, working at ground level where you could fall through an opening or hole in the ground, and working near an edge or on a fragile surface where you could fall.

The course lasts approximately 40 minutes and you must pass the assessment at the end of the course to receive your certificate.


Working at Height

Working at height involves more than just working on a roof and performing a task at a great height. Over 2 in 10 workplace fatalities involve work at height so it is crucial that we are all aware of the risks and how to mitigate them. In this course you will learn:

  • Working at height legislation and regulations
  • Hierarchy of control measures, including collective and personal protection
  • Working at height equipment, including ladders, stepladders, trestles, scaffolds, MEWPs and small equipment
  • Additional risks of working on a roof and how to mitigate them.