Food Safety Level 2

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This course is aimed at anyone who works with food, including those who prepare, serve or handle food. It is a level two course and although you do not need to have any prior qualifications, you should have a basic understanding of the food preparation and/or serving environment.

The course lasts between two to three hours and you must pass the assessment at the end of the course to receive your certificate.


Food Safety Level 2

Food Safety is about working with food in a safe and hygienic way. This ensures the food you handle, prepare or serve to customers is fit to be eaten and will not cause illness.

In this level 2 course you will learn about:

  • Physical, chemical, microbiological and allergenic contamination
  • Legislation and regulations governing food safety and how they are enforced
  • Temperatures that impact on food safety
  • How to keep the work area, equipment and utensils clean, safe and hygienic
  • Storing and labelling food
  • Personal hygiene
  • Controlling pests and managing waste.