As with most other websites, we do use cookies which are files that web browsers place on a computer’s hard drive or in memory and which we use to

– help us to distinguish visitors and identify whether you have used the website previously, so that we can understand your browsing habits and make the experience as meaningful to you personally as is possible and to improve the Website (analytics and performance)

– deal with the administration of the Website, to analyse and compile statistics about its use (e.g. how many users/visitors and what they viewed) and to improve it. They are not used to read data from any hard drive and cannot retrieve information from any other cookies created by other Websites.



Standing alone, cookies do not identify you personally but merely recognise your browser. Unless you choose to identify yourself, for example by registering with us, then you remain anonymous to us. Cookies come in two types: session-based and persistent:

  • Session cookies exist during an internet session. They disappear from your computer when you close your browser software or turn off your computer.
  • Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you have closed your browser or turned off your computer. They include such information as a unique identifier for your browser. We use persistent cookies that only we can read and use, to identify the fact that you are a website user or prior website user (as the case may be) and to track your use. We take care with security and confidentiality of information stored in persistent cookies. These cookies generally expire after 6 months.



(1) Some cookies are essential for parts of the website to operate and have already been set. Some may be essential (such as shopping cart or to prevent fraud), whilst others relate to functionality. You may be able to delete and block cookies from the website but that means that some parts of the website will not work. For information on blocking cookies refer to the instructions on your Browser which is often located under the “Tools” section. Help is also available at


(2) You can delete any cookies on your computer by referring to the instructions for your file management software and/or settings to locate the file or directory that stores cookies and delete it. Help is also available at



(1) Cookies are also used as part of advertising to deliver to you relevant and tailored content (including advertising content) and then to analyse how effective that content is.

(2) Third Parties, such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram (these are included by way of example rather than an exhaustive list) may use cookies, web beacons (see ), and similar storage technologies/tools to collect or receive information from the website (and/or App) and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services and target advertising. You can also find details of those third parties .

(3) You can opt-out of the collection and use of information for to provide measurement services and target advertising. Help for you to exercise your choices is available at



Social media – from time to time our website may use social media icons (such as Twitter) and embedded video content (such as from YouTube). Please remember that when you click on a social media icon or watch that video content that you are using a third party website and we are not responsible for that website’s cookies so we advise you to review the cookie/privacy policy of the relevant website.



(1) If you have any queries about this Policy please email us at

(2) We aim to respond to any queries within 7 working days.



You can find information about most of the cookies we use from time to time in this section. However, whilst we try to provide you with up-to-date information this is a non-exhaustive list. Particularly, the third parties we work with may set cookies and whilst we have tried to identify these so you can opt out please email us if you have any queries.



Cookie Name Type of Cookie What the Cookie does


Google Analytics         Persistent & session               These analyse use of our website by storing

cookies on a user’s computer. We receive reports about use. Google stores this information – see

_utma                       Session                                Anonymously identifies each user so we can identify how many different people visit over time – expires after 2 years

_utmb            Session                                 This cookie, together with _utmc, identifies each unique visit to the website and calculates visit length –

and _utmc                  expires after 30 minutes of inactivity

_utmz         Session          Calculates search engine traffic, ad campaigns or email link. Expires 6 months from set/update

Opt out of Google cookies at


wordpress             Session             Both expire at the end of session (when you are

wordpress_ecab                         logged out



woocommerce             Session             All expire at the end of session (when you are

woocommerce_items_in_cart            logged out




Twitter             Persistent & session               Please find out more by visiting


Facebook                      Persistent & session                Please find out more by visiting




LinkedIn             Persistent & session    Please find out more by visiting



Pinterest            Persistent & session    Please find out more by visiting


Instagram            Persistent & session    Please find out more by visiting


Shareoholic                         To share our website content – to find out


kpq            see and






Bing         Persistent & session   To find out more see