Good health and safety practices matter whether a business is a busy construction site, shop or showroom, or staff work in an office or from home. They are vital for keeping employees safe as well as visitors, customers, and contractors. They are also a legal requirement. One which, if ignored, could lead to fines or sanctions that – ultimately – impacts a company’s ability to operate.

All staff, for example, are must take health and safety training. For some companies, SMEs for example, this training isn’t always easy to source and can be cost-prohibitive. However, a health and safety online training course can solve these problems.

What to look for in a health and safety online course

There are any number of training companies out there and any number of health and safety courses. Not all, however, are created equal. A good health and safety online course is one that works for all employees (who can then take training specific to their roles). It should act as an introduction to, or reminder of:

  • Health and safety legislation, including hazardous substances and PPE
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Office safety, including DSE and workstations and commonly used equipment
  • Manual handling
  • Fire safety
  • Health and hygiene.

As a result of the course, an employee should understand the importance of safe working practices and how to keep themselves and their colleagues and customers safe.

Finally, quality health and safety training will last between two and three hours. It will include an assessment at the end, which employees must pass. Once they do, they should receive a certificate evidencing this for their personnel files.

Booking online training

Organisations looking to book a health and safety online course will find everything they need at Risk Safety Services. As health and safety specialists, they have developed a range of affordable and effective courses that will meet your business needs. To find out more about our courses, click here or contact the team on 0343 523 0410 today.